Woman Arrested After 'Deliberately' Putting Needles Into Supermarket Strawberries



女人据说在她50岁,is now set to face 'unspecified charges' later today and appear in Brisbane裁判星期一出庭。

There were over 100 reports of sewing needles being found inside strawberries.信用:PA
There were over 100 reports of sewing needles being found inside strawberries.信用:PA

As a result of the scare,澳大利亚政府匆忙通过了新的,,严厉的任何被抓到捣乱食物的人的规则,with those found guilty facing a maximum prison term of 10 to 15 years.

澳大利亚总理S·摩里逊总理说:“这并不好笑,把勤劳的澳大利亚人在危险的生计,and you are scaring children.And you are a coward and a grub."“

Adding that he would 'throw the book' at whoever was responsible.


在声明中,,Queensland Premier安娜塔西亚Palaszczuk:"这背后是谁不只是把风险的家庭在昆士兰和澳大利亚其他地方-他们把整个行业的风险.

“I would urge anyone with information that may be relevant to this incident in any way to contact police as soon as possible."“

庞大的调查推出后,农民们别无选择,但倾倒of strawberries and stores were forced to pull them from sales.总而言之,合作社处理大约100个关于浆果内针的报告,但许多人被怀疑是模仿事件或白痴的恶作剧。hoping for a bit of viral social media fame.

像这样的恐慌会打击澳大利亚数百万美元的水果产业,因此,昆士兰警察局联合开展了一项调查。多个政府,law enforcement and intelligence机构.

在声明中,QPS说调查仍然ongoing' and urged anyone with any other information to get in touch.



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